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Classic Debit Card

Classic Debit Card

Shop when and where you want to with our globally accepted classic debit card. With chip and PIN technology, you have access to a host of lifestyle deals and offers that will enrich your shopping experience. Our cashless banking services ensure a safer and more enjoyable banking journey with the NBF Debit Card. 

Product Features

  • Chip & PIN and Visa payWave

    To enhance your safety, NBF’s debit cards are chip & PIN and Visa payWave enabled. Enjoy enhanced security and the convenience of a ‘tap to pay’ feature to speed up payment on transactions upto AED 300.


  • Easy access to cash

    Make cash withdrawals from 1.8 million ATMs in the UAE and across the world.

  • Worldwide acceptance

    Fulfil all your shopping, dining, travel and entertainment requirements with a debit card that is accepted by over 24 million Visa-approved retailers across the UAE and the world.

  • Free ATM withdrawals

    Withdraw cash and make balance enquiries at all ATMs in the UAE for free. This also applies when you use other bank’s ATMs.

  • SMS alerts

    To give you further peace of mind, an SMS will be sent to you whenever a debit card transaction has been made.

  • Free supplementary cards

    We will gladly provide free supplementary cards to your family members so they can enjoy all the benefits you do.

  • Link multiple accounts

    Link your debit card to multiple NBF accounts when you use any of our ATMs.

  • Monitor your spending

    All NBF debit card transactions will appear on your account statements for easy monitoring of your finances.

  • 24/7 mobile banking

    We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us at 8008NBF(623) and let us know how we can help.

  • Additional offers and benefits

    Visit our Offers & Promotions page to find out more about Visa dining, travel and entertainment offers worldwide. 

    Terms and conditions apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a chip and PIN card?

Your NBF Debit Card is embedded with a tiny microchip making it virtually impossible to copy. Each time you use your card, you will be prompted to enter your four digit PIN number. This ensures tighter security on your transactions.

What is a debit card and how will it benefit me?

Your NBF Debit Card allows instant access to funds in your account and/or any agreed overdraft facility on your account without the need to withdraw cash. Your card will help you manage your finances and monitor your spending, as all transactions made with your card will appear on your bank account statement(s).

What do I need to do before I use my debit card for the first time?

You should activate your card before first use. Please contact 8008NBF(623) to obtain your PIN number. Upon successful activation you can use your card for purchases and cash withdrawals around the world. 

Will I get a new PIN with my Debit Card?

No. The PIN number will not be sent together with the card for security reasons. You have to visit the NBF branch at which you hold your account to obtain the PIN number.

How is the chip and PIN card different from my previous card?

A chip and PIN card has an embedded microchip that stores information in a secure, encrypted format. The microchip makes it more difficult for unauthorised users to copy or access the information on the card.

The chip in the card requires you to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) when you make a debit card transaction at stores using chip and PIN technology, and no signature is required.

This is to ensure that your chip and PIN card can't be used by unauthorised users to make purchases if it is lost or stolen.

Quick tips:

  • Do not let anyone else know or use your PIN
  • Never write it down
  • Use your hand or body to shield the ATM keypad when you enter your PIN
  • When a transaction is complete, put your card back in your wallet and take your transaction record

What are the benefits of using a debit card?

Transactions will be completed faster because in most cases you'll no longer need to sign a transaction slip at stores with chip-enabled terminals.

The chip in the card requires you to enter your PIN when you make a transaction at stores with chip and PIN technology. So, if your card is lost or stolen, it can't be used by unauthorised users (who won't know your PIN) at stores with chip-enabled terminals.

What is the transaction limit on the debit card?

The general daily transaction limit for purchases and for ATM withdrawals is AED 5,000.

Can I use my old PIN number for my new Chip and PIN / renewed card or do I have to create a new PIN?

No. To activate your renewed card, you will have to obtain a new PIN from the NBF branch that you have an account with.

Will my renewed debit card have the same card number as my existing card?

No. Your new debit card will have a new, unique card number.

What will happen to my existing debit card after I receive my replacement/renewal card?

Your existing debit card will be automatically deactivated upon successful activation of the new card. Please ensure that you destroy your old debit card by cutting it diagonally before disposal.

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