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You don’t need a wallet to carry cash anymore! klip is the digital cash on your smartphone.

A Nationwide Initiative

klip is the result of a partnership between 15 of the UAE's leading national banks and regulated by UAE Central Bank. It is managed and operated by Emirates Digital Wallet LLC to make UAE cashless. klip will change how you use money. It will help you spend, receive, store or send it without worrying about having physical cash.

Features & Benefits

  • Send money to other klip wallet holders
  • Receive money from other klip wallet holders
  • Withdraw money from your klip wallet to your bank account
  • Add funds to your wallet via NBF Direct App, NBF Direct online banking and NBF ATMs/CDMs
  • Make purchases across a wide range of merchant outlets in the UAE by simply scanning the QR code

So why cash when you have klip?

Download NBF klip now from the App Store or Google Play Store

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